Your project is conceptualized, developed and delivered by seasoned professionals.

We are a tech-savvy group of individuals who endorse and believe in the disruptive power of blockchain technology. We offer piquant blockchain alternatives to traditional methods of operation. We combine our collective experience and sound knowledge with an innate passion for developing blockchain solutions in order to provide the product that you envision.

Our Service Portfolio

We provide comprehensive blockchain and crypto services and
a one-stop-shop for blockchain consulting, development, and support.

Developing Blockchains

We develop customized blockchains as per the requirements and specifications of each project.

Developing ICOs

Launching, distributing, hosting and exceptional marketing for Initial Coin Offerings.

Developing Crypto Coins & Tokens

We are proficient in developing both coins (own blockchain) and tokens (based on another chain).

Expert Advice

Personalized advice from industry experts for your blockchain and crypto projects.

Marketing ICOs

We offer Direct Marketing as well as Digital Marketing services for your ICO.

Developing Crypto Wallets

We specialize in developing both centralized and decentralized user-friendly wallets.

Developing Crypto Exchanges

Secure exchanges with a fast matching engine & high TPS, whether it a CEX, DEX, or HEX.

Developing STOs

We help you tokenize your securities, thereby liquidating and attracting STO market opportunities.

Tokenizing Assets

Tokenize your non-security physical and financial assets to add immediate economic mobility.

Developing Equity Tokens

Equities, when tokenized, open up more opportunities than conventional IPOs and VC rounds.

Developing Security Token Exchange

We develop dedicated exchange platforms for asset-backed, security and equity tokens.

Marketing STOs & ETOs

Strategic marketing for your STOs and ETOs to a network of high-profile investors.

Why Choose Me?

How are we different from others?

Our expertise in working with multiple blockchains and cryptocurrency projects puts us in the lead. We have an assiduous commitment to innovating with blockchain. Our flexibility, precise understanding of your requirements, exceptional service, and attention to customer satisfaction gives us an edge over similar companies, creating the perfect environment for technology to prosper.

Why should you choose us?

We have a dynamic, engaging, result-oriented team for marketing. We have successfully driven and completed marketing campaigns for major blockchain firms. We are well connected with an extensive network of blockchain and crypto leaders, communities and we go the extra mile to enhance the visibility of your product both online and offline.

How technically adequate are we?

Our team of designers and developers have hands-on experience working with numerable crypto and blockchain projects. We are technically adept at creating and developing blockchain-based decentralized web and mobile applications (DApps) and crypto-based wallets, exchanges, p2p trading platforms, trading bots, launchpads, etc.

How diversified is our team?

Our director board comprises of renowned specialists from finance, marketing, technology, and information security. We practice inclusivity and diversity as we believe a diversified workforce will propel innovation through shared expertise. We currently employ people from multiple locations in Europe & Asia.