Developing Cryptocurrency Exchanges
The most successful use-case for a cryptocurrency today.

Crypto Trading Platforms

Most cryptocurrencies today have a cryptocurrency trading platform as their use-case. Be it an Over The Counter (OTC) trading platform, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) trading platform, Margin trading platform or the up and coming trend, Futures and Derivatives trading platform, we help to design and develop them all.

We have a team dedicated to building fast, secure, and reliable crypto trading platforms that are on par with leading platforms in the crypto space. Fast matching engines, secure authentication systems as well as intuitive trading features such as copy trading, algo trading, quantitative trading, and other features can be customized to be included in your trading platform.

Exchange Development Process

Our clear-cut and refined exchange development process involves designing, development, testing at various stages of development and launch of the application.

Framework & Design

Constructing an appropriate framework takes importance as it is the first step in determining a concrete architecture and will help in designing and developing the application.


Exchange Development

The exchange development is classified into three stages, the alpha, the beta, and the production stage. The progress & development of the application is closely monitored at each stage.


Testing & Launch

The application is rigorously tested at each stage using both offensive and defensive testing techniques to corroborate the safety and security of the platform once it is launched.


Crypto Exchange Marketing

Our cryptocurrency exchange marketing services are top-of-the-line. With effective pre-launch and post-launch marketing of the exchange, we establish high usability and reach.

Exchange Branding

We ensure the branding of your cryptocurrency exchange with strategic online and offline marketing such that the exchange is the first preference for crypto users based in your target geography.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers play a pivotal role in scaling up and adoption of any project. Influencer marketing through Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, as well as News and Blogs, affords credibility to your trading platform.

Rewards & Airdrops

Airdrop and reward marketing are proven cryptocurrency marketing programs to engage members, build strong communities, create a long-term user base and scale up your project.

Our Expertise

Leaders in the industry have turned to us for solutions. Contact us now to get the best crypto exchange consulting services.

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